Meet Kynisha 'Clownologist' Ducre aka Ms.Daisy

July 31, 2023 9:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Giraffes, frogs, dogs, and monkeys; a few of the exotic balloon creations that Kynisha 'Clownologist' Ducre aka Ms. Daisy twists to life effortlessly. On Saturday July 22nd, Ms. Daisy blessed the audience with her stunning clown performance at the African American Museum and Library at Oakland. At one time, she even tied a balloon dog behind her back as an eager crowd of little ones counted to ten. Her performance didn’t stop there. Ms. Daisy also taught the crowd how to say their names using sign language and produced a puppet whose mouth and body she maneuvered with superb skill. Later she collected handkerchiefs from the child audience members, placed them in a bag and after a few “Whoop, whoops!” mysteriously pulled out a multi-colored tapestry. How this happened, no one knew. It took children volunteers reciting strange words and marching around the museum gallery to separate the handkerchiefs again. 

So who is this multitalented, balloon-twisting, sign language speaking, world-traveled Clownologist? Ms. Daisy, more formally known as Kynisha Ducre, describes herself as a professionally trained, yet naturally silly kids entertainer & globetrotter. During her show, she recounted her past international trips to Kenya and many other places. She is also the author of Create in Me: A Biblical Guide With Balloon Twisting Fun. Ducre is a New Orleans native who evacuated to Dallas, Texas in 2005. Her background is quite interesting. She earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Chemistry and has studied interior design. She currently works in space planning at the Google Campus in Silicon Valley. She is also a dance instructor and has performed professionally for the NFL’s New Orleans Saints. 

Ducre is of course very passionate about clown-performing and has won "THE'' top awards from the Texas Clown Association, Clowns of America International, and a top ten award for best All-Around Clown at the World Clown Association Convention in Malaysia. 

For more information about Ducre, you can visit her website at Her new book Create in Me is also available on Amazon. Her first children’s picture book Go Daisy Go is forthcoming. You can also check out her Alphabet Affirmations for little ones on her youtube page DaisyTheClown.

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