The purpose of the Friends-Stewards of AAMLO shall be to provide community awareness, educational and research opportunities; and to preserve, interpret, and share the historical and cultural experiences of African Americans in Oakland, and Northern California for present and future generations.  

In so doing the Friends-Stewards of AAMLO will foster and maintain a collaborative relationship with the African American Museum and Library at Oakland (AAMLO).


  1.  To promote understanding and appreciation for the African American Museum and Library at Oakland (AAMLO) among inspiring lifelong intergenerational learners and researchers in the curation, awareness, and for the advancement of African American history and culture. 
  2. To collaborate with AAMLO to inspire and uplift the community by providing a safe space to engage tomorrows leaders to be creative innovators, develop equity and learn cultural humility to create a better world.
  3. To educate our community about African American history and culture through public awareness, programs and services provided by the Friends-Stewards of AAMLO and the AAMLO.

Mailing Address:
Friends-Stewards of AAMLO
P O BOX 72234
Oakland, CA  94612
Phone:  510-574-7955
Email: friendsstewardsofaamlo18@gmail.com

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