Seed Lending Library

AAMLO's Seed Lending Library building community fellowship with gardeners and those individuals that are new to the gardening experience. Most of us are unaware of the efforts of worldwide corporations to gain legal ownership of certain seeds. Should they succeed in their efforts, legally we would not be allowed to posses nor grow these seeds in our gardens.  Seeds are LIFE when nurtured and cared for they provide us with a rewarding gift. A gift that should not be stripped away by greed!

Growing plants from seeds is an activity that is educational and fun for all ages. As you browse through our seed library feel free to review gardening reference books, brochures and handouts that will provide basic growing information. Teaching residents the importance of growing their own food will also teach them that eating homegrown wholesome food is beneficial for a healthy community and economy.

Mailing Address:
Friends-Stewards of AAMLO
P O BOX 72234
Oakland, CA  94612
Phone:  510-574-7955

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