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This blog focuses on uplifting and highlighting the art, history and culture of African Americans in Oakland, Northern California and the African Diaspora. Each post will delve deeper into the many sectors of the African American Museum and Library at Oakland (AAMLO) archives, reference library, museum gallery, and the seed lending library.
We will share and discuss issues of relevance, and engage with our communities through the written word, spoken word, sensory and visual arts. We hope this blog will encourage our community to share their stories, passions, talents, and desires to be the positive change we all want to see. We want to create a safe space that allows critical thinking, insightfulness, ideas, and the sharing of experiences to spark positive social change in Oakland, California, the Nation, and the world.

  • April 01, 2022 8:30 PM | Claudia Noble-Levingston (Administrator)

    In celebration of Jazz Appreciation & National Poetry Month 2022

    The Friends-Stewards of AAMLO presents

    Creative Writing Young Author

    Chloe G.M. Fischer-Bouche, Oakland School for the Arts, 8th grade

    Chloe participated and completed the Friends-Stewards of AAMLO 5-week pilot creative writing workshops held at AAMLO in the Fall 2021.  During the creative writing workshops, she penned original work that we are excited to share with you.  

    Chloe loves taking care of animals and playing video games.  What brings her joy is reading and cooking.  At this time, her career goal is to become a Dietician.  She is interested in nutrition education because she likes learning how the body processes food. 

    Chloe participated in an art camp for fashion design and gives back to the community by working as a counselor in training at the Studio One Art Center in the art camp.

    Interview by Janet Noble-Maxwell, Cofounder, FSAAMLO


    Confidence is one thing.  Self-confidence is another thing but on a whole new level.  You gain self-confidence through incidents that have affected you.  Then, you take those moments and turn them into something beautiful.

    One day you could feel your life is falling apart, and the next, you are on top of the world.  Feel as if you could stomp on anyone who decides you are not worthy enough or not good enough.  But in reality, it's just you, not them.  Those people are just side characters in your story.

    Living the life, you imagined for yourself a long time ago.  Hoping this is enough to make you go up.  Hoping to not feel afloat again.  Hoping to grow into something more than just people's standards.  Hoping I can love and cherish myself unconditionally as I wish I had a long time ago.

    Written by Young Author: Chloe G.M. Fischer-Bouche

    Image: Left: Karen Oyekanmi, Vice-President, FSAAMLO; Center: Chloe G.M. Fischer-Bouche; Right: Claudia Noble-Levingston, President, FSAAMLO

    Photo credits: Jalia Noble-Burks, IG: @liadmnd

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